- Enter Microsoft Office Setup Product Key - PC/Mac
December 3, 2018 – Enter Microsoft Office Setup Product Key – PC/Mac-

A suite of productivity utilities developed by Microsoft Corporation is the need of every office professional, student, and businesspersons. MS Office suite includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, and Outlook and other programs. Each application assists a different purpose with tools of discrete features.

The software shares its compatibility with Windows-based operating systems, Macintosh devices, and smartphones. These applications have made working much easier and have reached those people who wish to work from home. With basic computer knowledge, you can use its applications, as it does not require any professional training for it has a user-friendly interface. Mentioned below are a few advantages that you get with Office setup subscription.

Why do you need

  • Smart tools in every application for better productivity
  • Word options for error-free writing docs
  • Make the presentation more attractive with numerous style options
  • Office Online productivity suite for real-time collaboration
  • Chat with colleagues
  • Share and work on the same document
  • Add comments to other people having the access of the file/ folder
  • Advanced graphics and designing tools
  • One-time purchase
  • Work remotely on phones and tablets

With more such innovative features, Office suite delivers its users a satisfactory working medium. It has made the professional life much sorted and organized. With its applications, sharing files with complete security has become possible.

Productivity suite includes these applications 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor best for creating textual files as it delivers word options for better writing and styling. You can also attach media files in it.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program with the innovative idea of representing slide shows. It is helpful in creating professional presentations where you can attach images, audio, video, charts, and tables.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet highly used to create a data sheet with detailed information. This application gives you the freedom to set and create your own filter, which helps you in well-organized and easier work.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access is a database management system with an easy-to-use tool to create browser-based database applications quickly with advanced layout and navigational features.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is a web-based suite of email, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services. Used by professionals to keep the working style managed and systematized.

With a number of other productivity applications, you can choose a utility as per the demand of the task. To start working on Office application, do the following.

Get started with Microsoft Office setup

1. Open a web browser and go to
2. Click ‘Sign in’ and enter the credentials associated with your MS Office account
* If you don’t have an account, click ‘Create a new account’ to register
* Follow prompts displayed on the screen
3. When directed to your profile, the product key filed will appear, enter your MS Office product key in the field and submit
4. You subscribed product will appear, click on the download

1. Open the downloaded file and click Office Setup
2. If your computer asks for administration permission for installation, enter the password to continue
3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and complete the installation


1. Launch an MS Office application on the screen and check if there is highlighted banner with activate/ reactivate clickable button
* If there is no highlighted banner on the top of the application, the software is activated and you can end the process here
2. Click on the button to get redirect to Office Setup for software activation
3. On the web page, enter the requirements displayed along with the product key
4. Submit and the software is activated.